Meditation and Art as Social Performance: Introduction

I have been live streaming my mandala drawing sessions on the social media platform TikTok for several months now. I currently go by the handle @the_chaos_pixie, which is a name that I love because it contrasts so strongly with the mindful, peaceful practice of mandala making that it perfectly sums up who I am as a person: the walking paradox or, better yet, kaleidoscope.

Root Chakra Mandala detail

I love a good juxtaposition. Another juxtaposition that I enjoy is that of deeply intrapersonal work (building the self through building a mandala) with the highly interpersonal, (para)social practice of livestreaming. I try to stream everyday. Some of my livestreams are up to 3 hours long (once I even streamed for 5!).

When I started out I was streaming into the void and sometimes a high school kid or two would show up and ask art questions in Italian. Now, months later, I have a steady (and steadily growing) international group of staunch supporters and friends who participate in my Lives. I am profoundly thankful to them for their contributions to the art work as experience. Sometimes we chat, philosophize and exchange trauma tales and advice while other times I draw in silence and they watch or talk amongst themselves. This has been a mostly positive and wonderful experience.

Sacral Chakra Mandala

Next I will elaborate on the different themes that I have been reflecting on recently about the practice of mediation and art as social performance. Part 1 will cut to the chase and discuss how I have been dealing with the few trolls that I have encountered. Part 2 explains why I do the livestreams (the short answer is that the performer in me adores having an audience). Part 3 will illuminate the wonderful ways in which a certain side of Tik Tok strongly resembles and functions as Group Therapy. And lastly, at least for now, I would like to discuss how livestreaming while drawing has impacted me in terms of my spiritual journey wandering further down into the labyrinthian Shamanic Path.

Commission for a new friend from “the clock app”!

Thank you for reading! Until next time, Peace, Love, Blessed Be and Namaste.



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